ADNOC became the largest jet fuel supplier for Europe in 2016. @ SAUDI LIGHT CRUDE OIL @ Commodity : Saudi Light Crude Oil Minimum Quantity : 330,000 Barrels/Day ( 36 Months) Origin : Saudi Arabia Specifications API Gravity: 33.34 Sediment Content: 0.1 ASTM STABILISED Gravity: 34.5 WAX-WT percent: 2.9 VANADIUM ppm Estimates for 1990 placed total oil reserves of the kingdom at 261 billion barrels. Find trusted Saudi Arabian Crude Oil Buyers. Omans only export crude oil stream is the Oman blend, a medium-light and sour (high sulfur- 1.33%) crude oil with an API gravity of 32. to new unconventional produc tion of light sweet crude oil from tight-oil formations like the Bakken in North Dakota, as well as the Eagle Ford and Permian Basins in Texas. Light crude oil receives a higher price than heavy crude oil on commodity markets because it produces a The following specifications guide contains the primary specifications for Platts crude oil assessments in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

But it was in November last year that Somo told customers it was offering a new Basrah Medium crude in 2021, in addition to revised Basrah Light and Basrah Heavy grades. Standard Specification of Maya, Isthmus, Olmeca & Its quality is similar to Arab light crude and Russian Urals crude. Like any industry, supply and demand heavily affects the prices and profitability of crude oil. CARBON RESIDUE. The Arabian Extra Light Crude Oil: This type is produced from the on-shore fields such as Abqaq and Berri. +98 913 168 47 88 - Cell Phone (WhatsApp - International Market) It also contains about 0.37 percent sulfur, which makes it a

ARABIAN MEDIUM, OFF SHORE ZULUF/MARJAN Saudi Arabia 14. ADNOC has long established its reputation for providing quality aviation fuel (such as Jet A-1 fuel) that meets the specific requirements of local and international customers.

Crude oil prices are subject to geopolitical factors and events which affect supply and demand.

More Sulfur. Syrian Light sulfur: 0.68%.

Petroleum, Crude oil Supersedes: Xn; R65 R66 R67 Xn; R48/21/22 N; R51/53 Full text of R-phrases: see section 16 2.2. There are six types of crude oil: light/sweet, light/sour, medium/sweet, medium/sour, heavy/sweet, and heavy/sour. Recovered @ 300 degree C % vol T.B.R. Arab Light Crude Oil Price Today, OPEC - OPEC Monthly Live & Historical Price Charts USD/Barrel +98 31 36 73 58 84 - Fax. Qatar Marine sulfur: 1.6%. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. Vincent sulfur: 0.55%. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. More Sulfur. Arabian Crude Oil All Grades (1.3) Light Crude Oil & all kinds of Crude + Petroleum Products POF is must before contact me.. all CIF Payments LC 100% at sight. Given Below The Spec Of Fuel Oil,Base Oil,D2 & Crude Oil. ARABIAN HEAVY (SAFANIYAH) Saudi Arabia 10. That is a difference of 7 degrees of API gravity. except liquefied petroleum gases (LPG), very light naphthas, and fractions having an initial boiling point above 400C (752F). Even though the capacity of crude distiller was 5200 mt/d, unit was capable of processing 5800 mt/d of crude oil. Light tight oil crude quality lTO crude indicates the formation from which the oil is derived and not necessarily the quality. Crude oils are playing an essential role in securing the worlds growing needs for fuels and petroleum products. The terminal consists of two loading platforms, each with two loading berths and three operational SPMs capable of loading vessels up to 350,000 DWT (ULCC) at design rates of 800-900 thousand barrels per day of oil per berth. Article Sept. 3, 2021 . Arabian Light Reference ID Oil/Fresh Water Interfacial Tension (mN/m or Evaporation Temperature (volume %) (C) 12 15 17.2 ESD 92 24 0 29.0 Yield on Crude (volume %) Boiling Range (C) 20-175 23 OGJ 99 175-295 23 295-343 8 343-565 30 565-816 15 0 Evaporation (volume %) Effect of Contaminants in Crude Oil. Oman is an important crude oil exporter, particularly to Asian markets. Futures and Options. Introduction.

SAE Plan June 29, 2015 Page 3 .

Molecular Mycobateriology Arab Light is a medium- gravity, high- sulfur crude oil produced by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia maintains crude oil production capacity of around 10.5-11.0 million bbl/d, and claims that it is "easily capable" of producing up to 15 million bbl/d in the future and maintaining that production level for 50 years. ASHTART As a result, the SPR Crude Oil Specifications were revised to address this issue. Arab Light is mainly produced from the super giant Ghawar field, but it also contains volumes from other fields. More Validating the specifications, value and safety of your raw materials, products and assets. Heavy crude oil is a dark color and very sticky to the touch. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Urals, Alaskan North Slope, Arabian Light, Saharan, and Dubai with segregation by Sweet and Sour storage caverns. Its characteristics make it a good feedstock for lubricants and petrochemicals. The minimum price fluctuation is one cent per barrel or $10 per contract.

OLMECA OLMECA is the "Lightest" of the Mexican crude oils (3839 API Gravity) and Sour (0.73%0.95% Sulfur content by weight).

Bitumen 40/50 Bitumen 60/70 Crude Oil Ethylene Hydrogen Jey Oil Refinery NIOC oxidation Paraffin Wax Propane vacuum bottom wax. Property Average Value Gravity@15.6oc : 0.859 Max SPI: 33.45 Sulphur: 1.2-1.5 Max Water & Sediment Content: 0.2 Max There are dozens of different crude oil streams produced in Western Canada, each with varying degrees of quality and grade. Arabian Light. Send inquiries and quotations to high volume B2B Saudi Arabian Crude Oil buyers and connect with purchasing managers. LTO crudes tend to be low sulphur and high nitrogen and the bottoms concentration is low. Light crude oil flows fluidly and has a golden hue. CPC sulfur: 0.55%. The API gravity range of this type is as follows: R P 5. Specification of D-2 Gas Oil (Arabian Gulf) Recovered @150 degree C % vol T.B.R. This type of crude is often referred to as a sour crude. Source Fields: Abqaiq Oil Field, Ghawar Oil Field, Abu Hadriyah, Qatif Oil Field Brief Description A blend of light crudes from various fields, like most Saudi Crudes, it is high in sulphur Distillation Yields Other Specifications Acidity, mg KOH/g Nickel, 4 mg/Kg Vanadium, 14 mg/Kg Other Information - Links Table 1 presents details of the Arab heavy crude oil (received from Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia) and its origin. The Arabian Super Light Crude Oil: This type is produced from the on-shore fields such as Hottah and Shaiba.

Crude oil blends by API gravity and by sulfur content A library of ExxonMobil crude oil blends sorted by API gravity and by sulfur content. Crude oils that are light (higher degrees of API gravity, or lower density) and sweet (low sulfur content) are usually priced higher than heavy, sour crude oils. Olmeca crude cargoes are exported from Pajaritos, in Energy for New Heights. It has a low viscosity, low specific gravity and high API gravity due to the presence of a high proportion of light hydrocarbon fractions. Specification of Iran light crude oil. ADNOC has long established its reputation for providing quality aviation fuel (such as Jet A-1 fuel) that meets the specific requirements of local and international customers. Crude oil is a valuable resource that can be refined into petroleum products, including diesel fuel and gasoline. Saudi Arabia Arabian Light 34 1.70 7.348 0.313 0.425 0.263 3.52 Arabian Berri 39 1.00 7.570 0.373 0.413 0.214 2.79 Arabian Medium 31 2.70 7.227 0.309 0.384 0.308 3.94 Arabian Heavy 27 2.80 7.121 0.298 0.268 0.434 4.25 Mitchell Organization Ltd. Oil_Specs Page 2/3 +98 913 168 47 88 - Cell Phone (WhatsApp - International Market) The specification for its crude purchases had been mainly of the Arab Light blend.

However, the use of crude oil in power plants as a backup fuel for advanced gas turbines with high firing temperatures (e.g., F-class, >1367 K/ ADNOC became the largest jet fuel supplier for Europe in 2016. Products & Services. Crude oil systems from various oil-producing regions of the world were used in the development of the correlations. Crude Oil. Its API Gravity is 38.3 degrees, which makes it a light crude oil, but clearly not quite as light as WTI. Label elements 2.2.1. Types of Saudi Crude Oils The Saudi Arabian oil is distinct of the diversity. There are five types of crude oil are produced from Saudi oil fields as follows: 1. The Arabian Heavy Crude Oil: This type is produced from the off-shore fields such as Al-Safaniah. The API gravity range of this type is as follows: R P 2. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are the leading producers of oil in the world. ^ "Specifications guide Americas crude oil" (PDF). Hence, Pakistani refineries can refine Russian variants with equal or higher API gravity and equal or less sulfur content than the Arabian light. Qua Iboe sulfur: 1.6%. Magdalena sulfur: 1.6%. Arab Extra Light 39.4 1.09% Saudi Arabia: Arab Heavy 27.7 2.87% Saudi Arabia: Arab Light 32.8 1.97% Saudi Arabia: Arab Light / Seg 17 Blend 32.4 2.19% ^ "Crude Oil Specifications". Arab Light is marketed in all of the major refining centers including Europe, Asia, and North America. ARABIAN MEDIUM, KHURSANIYAH/ABU SAFAH Saudi Arabia 13. In the mid-1980s when Saudi Arabian crude oil flooded the market, the price of crude oil fell to $10 a barrel. The types of crude oil come from regions as diverse as Alaska North Lope, Arab Light or Zueitina in Libya. II. The yield would be similar to that produced by Olmeca sulfur: 0.8%.

Retrieved 8 November 2017. THUMS sulfur: 1.5%. specifications arabian light (arablt) crude oil arabian light (arablt) crude oil in accordance with the international specifications and standards api gravity 33 34 sediment content 0.1 astm stabilised gravity 34.5 wax wt percent 2.9 vanadium ppm v200 11.0 gross heating value 19.23 reid vapour pressure 2.0 salt content, ppm nacl 3.8 Azeri Light sulfur: 0.55%. It is the major export grade for Saudi Arabia and a global crude benchmark. Send me regular Product Alerts for Crude Oil : Your Email: (Your privacy is guaranteed) Email this The API gravity range of this type is as follows: R P Made in UAE Crude Oil Specs Directory - Offering Wholesale United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Crude Oil Specs from UAE Crude Oil Specs Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors at We provide Crude Oil from Iraq , light and heavy, refinable. Phone: +98 31 36 73 58 84 - Office. Crude-Canadian, Forcados, Cabinda, Basrah Light, Basrah, Arab Medium, Other Name(s) Earth Oil, Petroleum Oil, Rock Oil, Zafiro Chemical Description This material is a C1 to C50 hydrocarbon liquid which contains approximately CRUDE OIL, PETROLEUM 8002-05-9 EQ 100 N/AP N/AP which contains: BUTANE 106-97-8 AP 0.8 to 1 800 800 pm TWA Iraq's flagship crude Basrah Light will now have an API of 31.40 and sulfur content of 2.74%. On the CME and ICE, one full contract of crude oil settles for 1,000 barrels or 4,200 gallons of the commodity, and the price quotation is in the U.S. dollar and cents per barrel. Bakken crude is a light sweet crude oil with an API gravity generally between 40 and 43 and a Arabian Light (2) 33 1.98 < 0.1 Arabian Heavy (2) 27.7 2.99 < 0.1 Heavy Western Canadian Select (Heavy Sour) (3) 21.3 3.46 0.93 Bakken crude oil meets all specifications for transport using existing DOT- Western Canadian Select is Canada's largest heavy crude oil stream, comprised of bitumen, conventional oil, synthetic crude and condensate. Key Takeaways. Crude Oil. The specifications for all other types of crude oil fall within the five categories. API Crude 73.1 Terengganu 62.4 Ormen Lange 61.1 Sable Island 55.4 compares it with the natural yield of products from Arab Light crude, which is typical of the average world crude in terms of quality and product yields. We offer LPG, LNG, Crude Oil including BLCO, ESPO, jet fuel 54, diesel d2, petcoke among other refined products and chemicals for business and commercial use. Retrieved 8 November 2019. Phone: +98 31 36 73 58 84 - Office. Multi-investigator groups: Extramural research units of the South African Medical Research Council: Precision and Genomic Medicine. Urals crude is a sour crude that has a sulphur content of about 1.5 percent and is close to Arabian Light crude oil in specification. Dubai Mercantile Exchange Limited (DME) is the premier energy-focused commodities exchange in the East of Suez and home to the world's third crude benchmark. The common link between different formations is the production chemicals used in the fracturing process. Crude Oil Quality Assessment Program.

GR)-131.5 Light Crude Oil > 31 Mixed based > 22-31 Heavy crude < 22 API is a major factor for crude pricing. DME was launched in June 2007 with the goal of bringing fair and transparent price discovery and efficient risk management to. This is partly because gasoline and diesel fuel, which typically sell at a significant premium to residual fuel oil and Basrah Heavy, which is a heavy sour crude, has a new API of 24 and 4.05% sulfur. Standard Specification of Maya, Isthmus, Olmeca & Its quality is similar to Arab light crude and Russian Urals crude. The characterization data has been obtained for Arab Berri extra light crude oil (API 46.9), which is one of the four crude oils being commercially produced by Saudi Arabia. A basket product consisting of crude from As a general rule, a crude oil grade with high sulfur content will have a lower value. This is not surprising considering that both Arabs and Indians were actively involved in Indian Ocean trade. Crude oil is a valuable resource that can be refined into petroleum products, including diesel fuel and gasoline.

ARDJUNA Indonesia 15. Arabian Light, and Bass Straight.

Commercial Net Specification Est. We have also Diesel fuel. ASTM STABILIZED GRAVITY: 34.5 WAX WT PERCENT: 2.9 VANADIUM PPM V200: 11.0 GROSS HEATING VALUE: 19.23 REID VAPOUR PRESSURE: 2.0 SALT CONTENT, PPM NaCl: 3.8 SULPHUR, WT PERCEN: 1.5 Max ASH, PPM: #4 Pardis Trade Center, Imam Jafar Sadegh, Heza Jerib St., Isfahan, Iran. Straight-run vacuum gas oil: Arabian Light: 1000: Iranian Heavy: 2000: Brent: 900: Ria Juano Pesado: 1700: Minas: 700: Deasphalted oil from Arabian Light vacuum residues: naphtha, water draw, off-gas and reduced crude streams (as setpoint specifications to their respective flow controllers). OLMECA OLMECA is the "Lightest" of the Mexican crude oils (3839 API Gravity) and Sour (0.73%0.95% Sulfur content by weight). Crude Oil Properties and Specifications 1. Products & Services. Some of Russian crude ESPO's biggest Russian Urals, Saudi Arab Light, Abu Dhabi Murban and Qatar Marine crudes. Brent crude is also a good source for producing gasoline and middle distillates. Siberian Light: API gravity (37.8), sulfur content (0.4). Get 247 customer support help when you place a homework help service order with us.